Slumber Party Barbie kit, with scales and weight loss book

By , November 13, 2011

My mate John Alchin just sent me this.

It is a picture of a Slumber Party option trading malaysia Barbie set from 1965. It comes complete with:

Pink Satin Pajama Top
Pink Satin Pajama Bottoms
Pink Robe with Sash
Pink Open Toe Heels with Blue Pompons
Pink Scale
How To Lose Weight Book
Pink Curlers (6)
Bobby Pins (6)
Blue Brush & Comb

The scales, which were permanently set at 110lbs, were removed from the 1966 version.



Is betting on weight loss taking a gamble with your health?

By , November 13, 2011

I recently came across two weight loss websites which encourage you to gamble on your own ability to lose weight.

One of them is – Complete with catchy phrase “YOU BET YOUR ASS”. The basic premise is that you bet (or wager) against your friends about how much weight you can lose.

I registered for the free account,binary option malaysia agreeing to the terms and conditions that I would seek some advice from a medical professional, that I would obey legislation in my country/state, and that:

  1. I understand that the creators of are not medical or weight-loss professionals. I’m not sure they’re even professionals.
  2. ….If someone gets upset because something I wrote was mean-spirited, I will apologize and try to make it up to them.
  3. I understand that all others in any Fatbet group that I join will be able to see the amount of weight I want to lose (but not my actual weight), and they will be able to monitor my progress toward my weight-loss goal.

Then you are encouraged to set guidelines for the bet. encourages you to follow one of two methods.

1) Everyone picks the amount they options trading malaysia will lose. say you should pick an amount that is “realistic and safe” but go on to state that “if someone sets a goal that is clearly too easy, they should be ridiculed on the message board until they adjust their goal” (um see terms and conditions 2 above).

2) The person initiating the bet sets a target for everyone.

Betting relies on an honour system where everyone logs their own weight loss, but they do encourage you to buy some digital scales and only include people in the bet that you trust.

Like any weight loss website, have some ‘research’ that they say indicates that the program works… although they admit:

We’re not going to lie and say losing weight is easy. There is suffering involved. We knew that the competition, metrics, and accountability of setting up Fatbets helped us meet our goals, so we spent some quality time on Google one day trying to find out why. Calling this research is stretching it, but we did find some material that supports why the Fatbet concept works.

They research is actually some points about weight loss from another weight loss site. They end up with a quote from Self Magazine

Women who lost weight, then got on the scale daily for the next 18 months had the lowest recurrence of regain

Fatbet response: If SELF Magazine says it, that’s all the validation we need. Research: DONE.

You can also check out other groups who have taken part in this, including the Pie Hole Rangers, Whipped Marshmallows, and the Vegas Fat Asses.

If you ask me, betting on weight loss is taking a massive gamble with your health. I couldn’t easily find any information which discouraged teenagers from taking part in this site and there were no obvious warnings about the potential impacts of setting extreme weight loss goals.

On weight loss is dumb. It is a major gamble with your health and wellbeing.

I’m really hoping that these types of websites don’t catch on.

Fat Stigma Study hits the press.

By , November 11, 2011

We recently published our study into Fat Stigma in Australia in the journal Social Science and Medicine.

Today I got to do some press on Australian telly about the study and thought you may like to see it.

Would love your comments. It is about 1 minute 50 into the segment. Click here to go to the segment.

Fatosphere study hits the press: Some links

By , August 18, 2011

Frances Lochie from Corpulent

Well what a lovely response we have had from everyone about our Fatosphere study!

If you would like to check out a couple of the articles (featuring a terrific photo of Kath Read), here are some links.

Article on The Conversation

Monash University News

Also the lovely Frances Lochie and I did a radio interview this morning with Deborah Cameron on ABC Radio 702. Deborah was terrific! We even got to take some talk back calls. Unfortunately the last caller was advocating for weight loss and we didn’t get to respond. But I think her commentary shows that there are many people who spend decades hating themselves for who they are. Maybe if she had found the Fatopshere she wouldn’t have had to have gone through that?


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